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HOME| PRESS | 23.10.2013 / Russia-Germany forum St Petersburg Dialogue calls for development of bilateral relations.

BERLIN, October 22 (Itar-Tass) - Leading representatives of the business quarters from Russia and Germany intend to give a fresh impetus to the development of economic relations between the two countries. This was confirmed at a 3-day meeting of the working group on economy of the Russian-German public forum St. Petersburg Dialogue that ended in the German town of Tegernsee, the federal state of Bavaria, on Tuesday. Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Board Valery Golubev and Chairman of the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations Eckhard Cordes chaired together a meeting of the working group that was held in Munich as well.

The participants in the meeting asked the governments of Russia and Germany to avert the stagnation in economic and political relations between Moscow and Berlin. “We expect from a new federal government that they will give fresh impetuses to German-Russian relations and will put on an institutional basis our partnership for modernization (the joint Russian-German project - Itar-Tass eds),” Eckhard Cordes commented on the results of the meeting on Tuesday. “The better Russian-German engine runs, the more positive influence this factor will have on European economy,” Cordes noted.

As many as 36 experts from Russia and Germany participated in the meeting. They warned against regression in relations between Moscow and Berlin and between Russia and the European Union. This has to be stated particularly with due account of a falling trade, a growing number of trade conflicts and the lack of results at the talks over the liberalization of the visa regime, experts of the two countries noted.

Ten recommendations were made that “would create a new level of trust and will breathe a new life in German-Russian partnership for modernization,” the chairman of the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations said in Tegernsee on Tuesday. In his words, all participants in the meeting called for “institualization of German-Russian partnership for modernization.”

The participants in the meeting are convinced that “cooperation should be broadened in the raw material sector.” Meanwhile, it is expedient to establish “a German-Russian mineral resources university.” It is also important “to take joint efforts aimed at forming the middle class and the development of dual professional education in Russia, intensification of student and scientific exchanges and the allocation of additional financial resources for youth exchange.”

“We need the pan-European vision, also including Russia,” former Bavarian Prime Minister Edmund Stoiber said at the meeting. “Germany and Russia have been linked with successful and highly trust-based partnership in mineral resources for many years,” he said.

“Therefore, the policy of the German federal government regarding Russia should be aimed at further intensification of this partnership,” the former Bavarian prime minister noted. Meanwhile, “broader cooperation in scientific and technological sphere is vitally important.” “The initiatives like the proposal to establish a Russian-German mineral resources university give big chances and should gain political support at a larger extent,” Edmund Stoiber said with confidence.

The participants in the meeting recommended a new German government to act as a mediator between Brussels and Moscow, actively calling for the elimination of the visa regime between Russia and the European Union. “Due to current tension between Moscow and Brussels Germany should strengthen the country’s mediating role,” Eckhard Cordes stated.

“We are experiencing the wave of protectionism. We may stop it, only deepening the dialogue and mutual trust,” he said, calling for creating “joint European economic partnership.” “We need an economic architecture for Europe that would include not only the member-countries of the Eastern Partnership initiative, but also Russia,” the chairman of the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations said.

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