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HOME| NEWS | 21.10.2013 / Interpol resumes search of Khimki forest ‘defenders’ supporter Silayev

MOSCOW, October 21. (ITAR-TASS). — Interpol resumed the search of one of the supporter of Khimki forest ‘defenders’, suspected in attacking the head of Khimki (Moscow Region) administration. This was reported by the press center of the Russian Interior Ministry to Itar-Tass on Monday.

“The Commission for control of Interpol's files has decided to unlock information about the search of Silayev, born in 1985, put on international wanted list upon Russian authorities’ initiative. He is accused of hooliganism committed by an organized group,” a representative of the Interior Ministry said.

In July 2010, according to investigators, Silayev “flagrantly violating public order, caused substantial material damage to the state institution using traumatic weapons and pyrotechnics in front of the Khimki Municipal District Administration, Moscow Region”.

A criminal case was opened upon this fact, but the person involved managed to escape. He fled to Finland.

August 2012, Silayev was detained in Spain, but it refused to extradite him to Russia, since the man had the refugee status granted by Finnish authorities.

“Later, he submitted a request to the Commission for the control of Interpol's files asking to delete him from the database of the organization. In his address Silayev referred to the political nature of the investigation’s motives, and the Commission has decided to temporarily block his data before the end of the proceedings,” the Ministry of Internal Affairs said. Simultaneously, Russian law enforcement agencies have been requested additional materials that allowed a more detailed study of the criminal prosecution causes.

“Upon the conducted study the Commission ruled to unblock the information on the search of the suspect’s search in connection with lack of policy point in the case. The search of Silayev in Interpol member states has been resumed,” the Interior Ministry stressed.

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