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HOME| NEWS | 14.10.2013 / Situation in Biryulyovo stabilises after mass unrest.

MOSCOW, October 14 (Itar-Tass) - The situation in Moscow's Biryulyovo West district is gradually stabilising after Sunday's mass unrest and is under control of police personnel. Clashes with police and other unlawful actions have ceased, an Itar-Tass correspondent reports from the scene of developments.

Following the killing of 25-year-old Muscovite Yegor Shcherbakov by an unidentified man on the night from October 9 to 10, an assembly of citizens was held in Biryulyovo on Sunday, with people demanding that the killer of the young man be found and punished and that the papers of all migrants living in the district be checked up.

After the citizens' assembly, which went off peacefully and in a calm atmosphere, a group of aggressively-disposed young people, among them adherents of nationalist movements and soccer fans, at first smashed the shopping center Biryuza (turquoise). Then they began to overturn and smash cars, and forced their way into the vegetable warehouse. Clashes ensued between the protesters and OMON police. Six policemen were injured.

Later on, a crowd gathered outside the shopping center again, hurling bottles and hammers at OMON men. At the same time cars in Vostryakovsky Lane and near the Biryulyovo-Tovarnaya (freight) railway station were also smashed.

The situation is relatively calm now. About 50 people remain outside the shopping center. They stand silently, do not chant any slogans and put forward no demands.

OMON men wearing helmets and bullet-proof vests have lined up along the road. Many police buses still remain near the shopping center and ambulance cars are nearby as well.

All streets in the district are being patrolled by beefed-up police details who check up the identity papers of young men.

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