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25.10.13 10:38 Politics

Snowden took materials on US intelligence activity against Russia, Iran, China - media.

According to the newspaper, U.S. officials have notified foreign intelligence services of a number of states that Snowden took materials that shed light on their secret cooperation with the United States. If these documents are published, the newspaper writes, intelligence operations that along with the United States involve other countries could be at risk.

25.10.13 10:31 Politics

Greenpeace activists charged with hooliganism instead of piracy.

“The Russian Investigation Committee has officially brought new charges against Russian national Andrei Allakhverdov, who is an Arctic Sunrise crewmember,” Pronina went on to say. He is being accused of hooliganism under article 213 (part 2) of the Russian Penal Code. Allakhverdov may get 7 years in prison as maximum punishment.

25.10.13 10:29 Politics

Putin says Ukraine may not join Customs Union after signing Association Agreement with EU.

“No, it is impossible,” he said when asked to comment on Ukraine’s Customs Union perspectives.

25.10.13 10:24 Politics

Latvian president angry about justice minister’s calls for demolishing WW II Soviet memorial.

He believes that the campaign for collecting signatures to a petition for dismantling the monument was connected with the upcoming parliamentary elections this autumn.

25.10.13 10:22 Politics

US-EU free trade zone at risk from spying row - leader of Germany's Social Democrats.

He said no agreement was to be signed until the US side presented a comprehensive explanation of alleged violations of EU citizens’ rights, adding that espionage against the federal chancellor was outrageous and absolutely unacceptable.

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