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Baltic Sea Region - Archipelago of Innovation?

The objective is to create a seamless working environment for fast growth innovative SME all over the Baltic Sea Region

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28.10.13 09:44 Politics

14th BEAC ministerial session to be held in Norway October 28-29 - Foreign Ministry.

“The participants in the session will sum up the results of Norway’s two-year presidency in BEAC and discuss ways to strengthen cooperation within the Council, prospects for making its work practical, as well as to consider a plan of action due to the climate change,” the ministry said.

28.10.13 09:42 Politics

Europe must realize economic role of immigrants - Council of Europe's report.

The ECRI noted native Europeans were increasingly blaming their troubles on immigrants, while Muslims were even often perceived as a threat to ethnic identity.

28.10.13 09:41 Politics

EU to keep pressing Ukraine over Timoshenko case.

“The ball is in Ukraine’s court. For any further steps to be taken towards integration with the EU all the outstanding demands must be met, first of all, the problem of selective justice must be lifted,” the source said meaning the cases of Yulia Timoshenko and her colleagues, which are perceived in Brussels as politically motivated.

28.10.13 09:39 Politics

EU looks determined to maintain tight cooperation with US despite spying row.

"The main thing is that our eyes are set on the future. Transatlantic partnership has been and remains an important factor," Grybauskaite, whose country holds the rotating EU presidency, said.

25.10.13 10:40 Politics

Brazil, Germany jointly initiate discussion of UN resolution against US spying - Foreign Policy.

According to the publication, it is “the first major international effort to restrain the National Security Agency’s (NSA) intrusions into the online communications of foreigners, according to diplomatic sources familiar with the push.” The resolution is planned to be put to the vote at the UN Committee on Human Rights before the year end.

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