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03.10.13 14:32 Politics

PACE puts forth several conditions to start dialogue with Belarus - Committee for Democracy.

European parliamentarians met Belarusian human rights activists on Wednesday, October 2. After the meeting they demanded the Belarusian government free 11 political prisoners immediately and without any preconditions.

03.10.13 14:28 Politics

18 Greenpeace activists charged with piracy.

The detectives brought accusations against 14 crewmembers on Wednesday, October 2, the Greenpeace press service told Itar-Tass on Thursday. The other 16 people were brought to the investigation department in the city of Murmansk, Northern Russia, from the detention centre, four of them already faced accusations on Thursday morning.

03.10.13 10:45 Politics

PACE to hold urgent debate on Syria.

In the draft recommendations, worked out based on the report of Swiss parliamentarian Björn von Sydow, the Assembly welcomes the course towards chemical disarmament in Syria and calls to resolve the conflict only by peaceful means.

03.10.13 10:43 Politics

Prosecutors inspect investigation ward in Murmansk where Greenpeace activists are held.

No infringements of maintenance conditions have been found. There have been no complaints from the detained, either over accommodation, or food or anything else. The Greenpeace press service had earlier confirmed to Itar-Tass that there had been no complaints about the maintenance in the investigation ward from the Arctic Sunrise crew members.

03.10.13 10:42 Politics

Finnish premier says no need for politisation of Greenpeace activists’ trial.

“We don’t want the matter to be seen through the prism of politics. We, for instance, would not like other countries to regard the Finnish judicial system from the viewpoint of achieving political aims,” he said in the national parliament on Wednesday.

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