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Baltic Sea Region - Archipelago of Innovation?

The objective is to create a seamless working environment for fast growth innovative SME all over the Baltic Sea Region

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30.10.13 09:51 Politics

King of Netherlands changes earlier scheduled date of visit to Russia.

The king’s visit to Moscow was timed to coincide with an official closing ceremony of the Year of the Netherlands in Russia and the Year of Russia in the Netherlands. A concert of the orchestra of the Amsterdam Philharmonic Society (Concertgebouw Royal orchestra)will crown the cross year of friendship between the two countries,

30.10.13 09:50 Politics

European politicians quit mobile phones after US spying disclosures - TV channel.

In the meantime, the prime minister's office declined to comment on its counterespionage steps. The government also takes some other precautions after former CIA employee Edward Snowden’s revelations about US large-scale bugging of EU leaders, but no details have leaked to the press so far.

30.10.13 09:48 Politics

RF Defence Ministry completes formation of air commandant’s office on Kotelny Island in Arctic.

Bakhin specified that the building of a prefabricated residential compound has been completed, and the checking and adjustment of the power supply systems and filtration systems, water treatment and hot water supply facilities is nearing completion. According to him, this work will be completed in three to four days.

30.10.13 09:39 Politics

Russia suggests instituting a Barents Award for innovations and cancel visas in the Arctic region

“In this connection, we suggest instituting a Barents Award in the field of innovations for advanced developments from which all the countries of the Barents Euro-Arctic Regional Council could benefit and which will make it possible to unite efforts to build up the innovative potential of our region. A Council’s working group for economic cooperation could develop the status of such an award and the criteria of selection of nominees,” Titov went on to say.

29.10.13 10:21 Politics

Ministerial meeting in Tromso to sum up Norway chairmanship in BEAC.

Taking part in the 14th Ministerial Session of Tromso in Norway will be Norwegian new Foreign Minister Borge Brende, Foreign Ministers of Sweden and Finland - Carl Bildt and Erkki Tuomioja, representatives of Denmark, Iceland and the European Union. Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Titov will take part n the meeting from the Russian side.

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