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10.10.13 14:36 Politics

Presidential council of human rights to turn to general prosecutor over arrest of Arctic Sunrise crew.

“Our position is determined in a statement of the committee of freedom of speech under the presidential council: a journalist, who covers an event, cannot bear responsibility for what the participants of these events are doing,” the chairman of the council said.

10.10.13 14:34 Politics

Four NATO warships visit St Petersburg.

Two warships of the group, which were also expected to arrive in St. Petersburg on Thursday, namely the Dutch Navy minesweeper Makkum and the Belgian Navy minesweeper Narcissus stayed outside the Russian territorial waters.

10.10.13 14:32 Politics

Russia stops extra checks on border with Lithuania - PM.

On September 12, the Russian customs began time-consuming inspections of Lithuanian cargoes and vehicles on the Lithuanian border in response to repeated violations of customs rules.

10.10.13 10:08 Politics

Lithuania Radio and Television Commission bans Russian programmes of First Baltic Channel.

The veto will last for three months. The Vilnius District Administrative Court must endorse the commission’s decision for the ban to go into effect. If the First Baltic Channel continues showing such programmes, the commission will raise the question of annulling its licence.

10.10.13 10:06 Politics

Seeking asylum in EU grew 1.5 times.

The Eurostat said most asylum applications came from Russian people, including those living abroad — 16,800, followed by those from people in Syria (8,300), Kosovo (8,100), Afghanistan (6,000) and Pakistan (5,900). As for the continents that have seen the most active migration to Europe, Africa and Asia still rank at the top.

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