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Baltic Sea Region - Archipelago of Innovation?

The objective is to create a seamless working environment for fast growth innovative SME all over the Baltic Sea Region

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15.10.13 09:42 Politics

Lithuanian court upholds 3-month ban on Russian programmes on First Baltic Channel.

Last week the commission that supervises the activities of radio and television broadcasters and is answerable to the parliament imposed a three-month ban on all non-EU television products on the FBC and asked an administrative court for confirmation. Russian programmes and films fill up to 70% of the channel’s air time.

14.10.13 10:27 Politics

Lavrov to travel to Belgium todiscuss Moscow-Brussels relations.

The Ministers will consider the entire spectrum of matters concerning bilateral relations, and exchange views on key problems that are on the international agenda. Lavrov is also to make a speech at the Royal Institute for International Relations.

14.10.13 08:53 Politics

Russia is studying Netherlands’ Greenpeace activists detention lawsuit - FM spokesman.

“The Netherlands filed an arbitration suit at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea on October 4,” he said. “Dutch partners have provided us with the documents, which we are studying at the moment,” Lukashevich said, noting that “the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea allows for an arbitration request”.

11.10.13 09:57 Politics

German foreign minister, Ukrainian president discuss possibility of Timoshenko’s departure to Germany for treatment.

“We want Ukraine to move towards Europe and will support its intention to do that. Ukraine’s movement towards Europe is of historical importance,” the German foreign minister said.

11.10.13 09:55 Politics

Latvian computer hacker wanted in US released from custody Thur - lawyer.

The Latvian hacker was arrested on December 4, 2012. His lawyers turned to the Prosecutor-General’s Office with a request for reconsidering the measure of restraint and free Chalovsky.

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