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30.10.13 10:00 Politics

Ecuador to consider granting of political asylum to Snowden, if he makes request to this effect.

“If Snowden happens to be on the territory of Ecuador, for instance, he will come to the diplomatic mission, we will receive his application and we will consider all legal aspects and will take a decision,” the president of the Latin American country said.

30.10.13 09:58 Politics

Julian Assange’s fate depends on Britain and Sweden, the Ecuadoran president says.

“In fact, the situation with Assange could be resolved tomorrow if Britain and Sweden decided to do that. Ecuador did everything it was supposed to: it granted political asylum to Assange and carried out all the necessary procedures. At the moment, Assange’s fate depends on Sweden and Britain,” the Ecuadoran president said.

30.10.13 09:56 Politics

Latvians were selfish against Russians - Latvia's ex-president.

Guntis Ulmanis is grand-nephew of the last Latvian pre-war president, Karlis Ulmanis. He was Latvia’s first president after the country regained independence. First, he was elected in 1993 and then re-elected for a second term in 1996.

30.10.13 09:54 Politics

Criminal charge against Russian photographer from Arctic Sunrise revised.

The criminal charge against Sinyakov was changed from an act of piracy into an act hooliganism punished by the Russian Criminal Code. Sinyakov will remain in custody until the end of November, it said.

30.10.13 09:53 Politics

Putin to meet with King of Netherlands on November 8.

The Dutch king will visit Russia to attend the events to close the cross years of Russia in the Netherlands and the Netherlands in Russia, the Russian presidential press service reported on Tuesday.

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