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21.10.13 10:26 Politics

FRG, Latvia inspectors to make TOS observation flight over Russia and Belarus.

"In impleeementation of the international Treaty on Open Skies, a joint group of inspectors of the Federal Republic of Germany and Latvia will make an observation flight aboard a Swedish SAAB-340 plane over Russia and Belarus within a period from October 21 to 25," Ryzhkov related.

21.10.13 10:18 Politics

Foreign Ministry urges Germany to rivet attention to human rights - Commissioner for Human Rights.

The Russian diplomat commented on a statement by the German Foreign Ministry spokesman on the recent disorders in Moscow related to violence towards migrants from the Caucasus and Central Asia.

21.10.13 10:11 Politics

Russians can now calculate online period of allowed stay in Schengen states.

The new regulations, which entered into force on Friday and to some extent modified the existing EU legislation, among other things, re-defined the concept of "short stay" for third-country nationals in the Schengen area.

18.10.13 10:16 Politics

Dutch police investigate breaking in flats of Russian diplomats in Hague.

The breaking in the flats was committed in Banstraat Street in The Hague. This building does not have the diplomatic status. The flats in the residential house are rented for employees of the embassy. The law enforcement agencies have not produced other details yet, the TV channel added.

18.10.13 10:12 Politics

Dutch FM against hasty decisions that might complicate Netherlands relations with Russia.

Two unidentified men had beaten the diplomat in his flat which they penetrated on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. The Deputy Head of the Netherlands mission in Moscow, Otto Elderenbosch, 60, was approached at his home by men who presented themselves as electricians who then beat him up.

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