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Baltic Sea Region - Archipelago of Innovation?

The objective is to create a seamless working environment for fast growth innovative SME all over the Baltic Sea Region

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22.10.13 09:19 Politics

Most Riga residents oppose demolition of monument to Soviet warriors-liberators - Riga mayor.

A greater part of respondents who make 51 percent from these 79 percent believe that the monument should be preserved in the current condition, 28 percent of pollsters would like to renovate it. Only 13.6 percent of respondents called for the demolition of the monument.

22.10.13 09:16 Politics

St Petersburg Dialogue participants find Russia-Germany relations high on agenda of 13th forum’s meeting.

The preparation to the 13th meeting of the public forum St. Petersburg Dialogue due in December was discussed at a meeting of Russian and German coordinating councils of this discussion floor in Leipzig in the federal state of Saxony on Monday.

22.10.13 09:12 Politics

Putin, Dutch premier discuss situation over Russian embassy in Hague.

Meanwhile, the negotiators shared the views on the ongoing Russian-Dutch cross years and gave a positive assessment to the events within the programme of the cross years. The interlocutors agreed that Russian President Vladimir Putin and King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands will attend a closing ceremony of the cross years in Moscow on November 8.

22.10.13 09:06 Politics

Chief of Russian General Staff, Swedish Commander-in-Chief discuss military cooperation.

“We discussed the situation in the Baltic Sea region and in the Arctic region. As Arctic countries we show interest in the military and political situation, and stability in the region,” Gerasimov said.

22.10.13 09:04 Politics

Latvian computer hacker wanted in US not to be tried in Latvia - prosecutor general.

Speaking in an interview to the Latvian television, Kalnmeiers said, “I think the Chalovsky case is too large-scale to be investigated and judged in Latvia”. Besides, “no one has suffered from Chalovsky’s actions in Latvia, and he has committed nothing that can be considered criminal in this country”.

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