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21.10.13 10:13 Culture

Russian avant-garde on display in Amsterdam.

Over the past 20 years this is the largest exhibition of works by an artist who is deemed a pioneer and one of the founders of abstract art, said the curators.

14.10.13 10:20 Culture

Fossil resin with fossil bird feather displayed at Kaliningrad Museum of Amber.

The museum bought this piece of amber with the inclusion from a visitor about a year ago. “The piece was thoroughly studied and experts confirmed, with a maximal degree of probability, that this piece of amber has a feather of the bird diatrima, which lived 56-41 million years ago and reach 2-3 meters in height and weighed up to 100 kilograms,” she said.

14.10.13 10:17 Culture

Soloist of Russian army song and dance ensemble to represent Russia at Eurovision-2014.

“We have a richest potential,” Dyakov, who has been singing in the company for nine years, told Itar-Tass at the anniversary concert on the occasion of the ensemble’s 85th jubilee on Saturday.

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