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29.10.13 15:36 Society

Flood warning in St. Petersburg called off.

The Neva river's water level will rise by 110-140 centimetres throughout the day. The St. Petersburg network of flood protection facilities (KZS) was fully closed at 9.40am local time on Tuesday.

25.10.13 10:27 Society

Estonian president’s statements on languages may provoke ethnic strife -opinion.

Ilves’s words that the USSR implanted the Russian language in Estonia as the language of the Soviet government hold no water, are not in keeping with reality, the letter says.

24.10.13 08:47 Society

Rosbalt media agency might have its license withdrawn over violations in on-line videos.

The Roscomnadzor challenged the Rosbalt on July 23 for use of obscene language in two videos initially placed on the YouTube. After the incident the Rosbalt editors removed the videos from the YouTube site, but even that did not help Rosbalt avoid two more official reprimands from Roscomnadzor.

23.10.13 09:45 Society

Ex-president of former USSR takes allegations about his death with vital humour.

Earlier on Tuesday, a spokesman for Gorbachyov Foundation told Itar-Tass that the ex-president of the USSR was undergoing regular examination at a clinic in Germany.

23.10.13 09:43 Society

Russian-speaking opposition criticizes campaign against WWI memorial.

Alksnis urged the prime minister not to drive a wedge between people in society and not to abuse the most painful pages in Latvian history. A minister cannot help feeling respect for the memories of the WWII heroes, the MP said, according to the Center of Accord's press service.







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