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31.10.13 09:38 Econiomics

Medvedev, Katainen to discuss economic, investment cooperation.

The government staff member recalled that work is now under way "to establish an effective Russo-Finnish expert dialogue in this respect". He pointed out that in 2012, the Russian and Finnish sides exchanged lists of representatives at the competent agencies and services of the two countries for making "direct prompt contacts on family and legal matters".

31.10.13 09:32 Econiomics

Kiev hopes to settle problem with payment for Russian gas in coming days-energy minister.

CEO of Russia’s natural gas monopoly Gazprom Alexei Miller previously said that Kiev had not paid for Russian natural gas imported in August and that the debt amount was about 882 million U.S. dollars. In this regard, the Russian side is considering the introduction of a system of prepayment for gas, as is provided for by the contract.

30.10.13 09:46 Econiomics

Russia calls for creating BEAC financial mechanism to support projects.

"Sustainable development, as we understand it, means overcoming the existing limited view of the Barents-Euro-Arctic region as the raw materials base of European development," Titov said on Tuesday.

30.10.13 09:45 Econiomics

Gazprom to consider possible transition to advance payments for gas supplies to Ukraine on Tuesday.

“We have an opportunity to do it under the contract immediately,” Medvedev added. “Today Aleksey Borisovich (Miller) will be in the office and we will discuss this issue,” he said.

30.10.13 09:41 Econiomics

Poland, Ukraine in gas supply deal.

Daily gas volumes will not exceed 3.5 MMscm/d (cubic metres per day), Commercial Director Andrey Favorov said, noting that volumes would be adjusted for economic feasibility and technical capacity.










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