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29.10.13 10:09 Politics

Latvian parliament has no right to decide fate of Riga Soviet memorial - mayor.

“I am not quite sure the Sejm can make any decision about this monument as it is municipal property. The issues of its erection, name and demolition are to be resolved solely by the municipality,” he said. Parliament may send the municipality a letter with recommendations that will be taken into consideration.

29.10.13 10:07 Politics

Dairy products ban: Russia's demand before Lithuania exports renew.

Rospotrebnadzor Federal Consumer Rights Protection and Human Health Control Service said it would consider allowing products to flow again after compliance with specified measures to guarantee quality and safety.

29.10.13 10:05 Politics

No sense for RF to participate in consultations with Ukr, EU when it is alr decided.

Russia believes there is no sense to participate in tripartite consultations with Ukraine and the European Union when the issue to sign the agreement on association between Ukraine and the EU is practically decided, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

29.10.13 10:01 Politics

Greenpeace activists were aware of what they were doing -- Lavrov.

"There are laws. There are investigations that must be conducted," the minister noted, recalling that citizens of 19 countries, including Russians, were detained over the Arctic Sunrise case. "The action was planned, and all who participated knew very well whom and what they would photograph and for whom they would cook," he said.

28.10.13 09:53 Politics

Finnish prime minister calls to refrain from disputes over Hanhikivi-1 NPP project.

“We must not now indulge in debates about it,” he told the Radio Suomi on Sunday. The project, in his words, needed a thorough study, which was the task for the ministry of labour and economy, since the situation was rather complicated from the legal point of view. “We want to be sure that the process goes on in line with the law. Evan legal experts differ on that matter.”

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