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03.10.13 10:40 Politics

Latvia says supporting Ukraine-EU association agreement.

“Latvia resolutely supports the singing of the Ukraine-EU association agreement although it definitely knows about the problems that are yet to be resolved, like the situation with former Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko,” Rinkevics said.

03.10.13 10:36 Politics

Greenpeace activists deliberately violate Russian laws, trying to board drilling rig - Finnish president.

He said with hope that the ecologists will have good lawyers and the investigation will be fair. Meanwhile, he noted that he does not find it right to accuse the activists of piracy.

03.10.13 10:34 Politics

German frigate Karlsruhe arrives in St.Petersburg in framework of Day of German Unity.

While in St. Petersburg the German marines will meet with their Russian fellow marines from the Leningrad Naval Base of the Russian Baltic Fleet and the Russian host ship- a new Russian corvette, the Boiky. The corvette built at the St.Petersburg Northern shipyard was turned over to the Russian Navy in 2012.

02.10.13 15:31 Politics

Lithuania warns Russia against stopping pressure on neighbours.

“Transport, we could cut off trains, but not only trains, also the supply of goods, whatever. It is theoretically possible. It was not discussed, it's not our way of thinking, it's not our methods," he said.

02.10.13 09:44 Politics

Investigation bringing charges against Greenpeace activists.

On September 18, the Arctic Sunrise ship, flying the Dutch flag, approached the Prirazlomnaya offshore oil drilling platform, and the Greenpeace activists who were on the vessel, attempted to board the facility.

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