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Baltic Sea Region - Archipelago of Innovation?

The objective is to create a seamless working environment for fast growth innovative SME all over the Baltic Sea Region

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04.10.13 09:54 Politics

Putin says Russia will broaden its presence in Arctic region.

"As a matter of fact Arctica is an inalienable part of the Russian Federation; it has been under the Russian jurisdiction for centuries, and it will be this way for ages to come," Putin declared.

04.10.13 09:52 Politics

Yulia Timoshenko’s criminal case hampers Ukrainian-EU relations - Ukrainian Foreign Minister.

“As for Timoshenko’s case, I can say we realise that her case is the key obstacle in relations between Ukraine and the European Union,” the Ukrainian minister said, adding, “The Ukrainian leaders seek to resolve this issue. But the key task is that the decision should be based on Ukraine’s law.”

04.10.13 09:50 Econiomics

EU antimonopoly investigation against Gazprom important for Lithuania - PM.

“It is very important to share experience while implementing competition requirements and shaping the EU’s competition policy,” Butkevicius said.

03.10.13 14:33 Politics

Putin congratulates Germany on Day of German Unity.

Putin noted active development of friendly relations between Russia and Germany in all key spheres, broader political dialogue, the growth of economic, scientific-technical and humanitarian cooperation and praised highly the Russia-Germany cross years that had already been held.

03.10.13 14:32 Politics

PACE puts forth several conditions to start dialogue with Belarus - Committee for Democracy.

European parliamentarians met Belarusian human rights activists on Wednesday, October 2. After the meeting they demanded the Belarusian government free 11 political prisoners immediately and without any preconditions.

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