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08.10.13 11:28 Politics

Russia FM files note of protest to Netherlands over attack on minister-counsellor of Russian embassy in The Hague.

“Last weekend armed people in camouflage have broken in the flat of Minister-Counsellor Dmitry Borodin and under the absolutely false pretext of allegedly bad attitude to children have beaten him up in front of them,” the Russian diplomat said. “Moreover, this was done after Borodin warned about his diplomatic status,” Lukashevich said.

08.10.13 11:26 Politics

European Commission should give explanations over situation on Russia-Lithuania border.

Head of the Russian consumer rights watchdog Gennady Onishchenko said that this supervisory agency had introduced a ban on the imports of these products from Lithuania. In his view, he signed the specific documents on October 6 and submitted them to the Federal Customs Service.

08.10.13 11:23 Politics

Lithuania in no hurry to complain to WTO, EU over Russia’s dairy products import ban.

“We have not received any official documents confirming the ban, therefore, we have no reason yet to seek assistance from international organisations,” Jukna said. Lithuania constantly monitors the incoming information, both official and unofficial, but it sees no need to hurry until the situation is clarified. “A dialogue is required to find a solution,” he added.

07.10.13 14:08 Econiomics

Russia taking measures to restrict import of dairy products from Lithuania - Onishchenko.

Starting from mid-September 2013, the consumer rights watchdog has been stepping up control measures on the domestic market over the quality and safety of dairy products coming from Lithuania to Russia, due to the fact that a number of their samples did not meet the Customs Union’s dairy products technical regulations requirements.

07.10.13 11:59 Politics

European inspectors to make observation flights over Russia, Belarus.

“From October 7 to October 11 under the Open Skies Treaty inspectors from France and Germany will perform observation flights onboard a C-130H turboprop transport aircraft over territories of the signatories to the Treaty - Russia and Belarus,” the press service said.

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