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08.10.13 11:38 Politics

Dutch Ambassador offers explanations in connection with attack on Russian diplomat in Hague.

On Monday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said "armed persons in fatigues broke into minister counsellor Dmitry Borodin's apartment last weekend and severely beat him up under a far-fetch pretext of bad treatment of children." The diplomat was beaten up before his children's eyes.

08.10.13 11:36 Econiomics

Russian projects to broaden TSM, Northern Sea Route to save billions of dollars in cargo delivery - Putin

“We are enlarging the throughput capacity of the Trans-Siberian Mainline and are building up the potential of the Northern Sea Route. This modernization will help developing new shorter and much more profitable routes between Asia and Europe and will save billions of dollars in cargo delivery,” the president noted.

08.10.13 11:34 Politics

Lithuania should appeal to WTO over RF dairy import ban -- pres.

The president said she had instructed the government to take steps to normalize relations with Russia. However, the cabinet did nothing, while the problems of border crossing for Lithuanian freight carriers and export of dairy products to Russia only worsened. In this situation, Lithuania should prepare to appeal to the WTO over the obstructions made by Russian authorities to Lithuania in trade, Grybauskaite said.

08.10.13 11:31 Politics

Estonia not prepared for easier rules to cross Estonia-Russia border over weak infrastructure.

The Estonian chief diplomat noted that broader capacities of border-crossing are “certainly an important goal,” particularly if the visa-free regime is introduced with Russia in the future.

08.10.13 11:29 Politics

Lithuania cable TV operator suspends Russian-language TV channel over complaints from viewers.

“Our clients have filed many complaints that the television programme “Man and the Law”, which was broadcast on the First Baltic Channel on Friday, October 4, had probably violated the Lithuanian laws,” this text appeared on the TV screens of the company’s clients on Monday evening.

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