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09.10.13 09:39 Politics

Russian customs service detains Lithuanian dairy products - Lithuanian Agriculture Ministry.

“Freight carriers have been allowed to cross the Russian border. But they failed to go through customs procedures,” the Lithuanian official said, adding that Russians referred to problems with the information system.

09.10.13 09:32 Politics

Putin instructs Russian Foreign Ministry to sign border treaty with Estonia.

The Russian-Estonian consultations to conclude a new border treaty were started in late 2012. The Estonian government endorsed the draft treaties in May 2013.

08.10.13 14:10 Politics

Lithuania lacks info to appeal to WTO over Russia’s dairy products import ban - PM.

“We can appeal to the WTO only through the European Commission. This is why it is essential for us to collect and provide reliable information. At this point the government has no such facts,” he said, noting that the Lithuanian authorities were closely following the latest developments and briefing the European organisations.

08.10.13 14:08 Politics

Lithuania asks Rospotrebnadzor to hold talks on dairy products supplies ban.

The talks can take place shortly, Onishchenko said, adding that he hoped to hold a dialogue with competent specialists. “We should understand whom will talk with to clarify the subject of the talk,” the chief sanitary inspector said.

08.10.13 13:19 Politics

Putin: Russia expects explanations and apology from Netherlands.

"The incident was an outrageous violation of the Vienna Convention. We are expecting explanations, an apology and also punishment to those responsible," President Putin declared at a press conference devoted to the results of the APEC summit. 'We will react, depending on the conduct of the Dutch side," Putin warned.

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