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10.10.13 09:55 Politics

Lithuania presents evidence to EC for appealing to WTO over Russia’s dairy products import ban - FM.

“According to the effective EU procedure, foreign trade issues are a competence of the European Commission, which protects the interests of its member-states,” Linkevicius said.

10.10.13 09:51 Politics

Cargo border-crossing time on Russia-Lithuania border grows over lack of customs officers.

At a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin the governor has raised again the problems on the border with Lithuania. The president asked to dwell on the situation at this border checkpoint.

10.10.13 09:49 Politics

Russian agriculture watchdog inspects dairy exports from Netherlands, preliminary results dissatisfactory.

The Rosselkhoznadzor inspectors are working at Dutch enterprises, the inspection will end on October 12, 2013, he said. “The preliminary results are dissatisfactory,” Dankvert noted.

09.10.13 10:10 Politics

European Commission might summon RF ambassador over ban on imports of Lithuanian dairy products.

Lithuania’s top five dairy plants are Pieno Zvaigzdes (Svalia brand), Rokiskio Suris, Zemaitijos Pienas, Vilkyskiu Pienine and Marijampoles Pieno Konservai.

09.10.13 10:08 Politics

Netherlands prepared to offer apologies to Russia if Vienna convention found violated in incident with Russian diplomat.

The Russian Foreign Ministry stated on Monday that the ministry sends a harsh note of protest to the Netherlands over the attack on the minister-counsellor of the Russian Embassy in the Netherlands. The Dutch ambassador in Russia was summoned in the Russian Foreign Ministry and the note of protest was given to him on Tuesday.

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