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Baltic Sea Region - Archipelago of Innovation?

The objective is to create a seamless working environment for fast growth innovative SME all over the Baltic Sea Region

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11.10.13 09:57 Politics

German foreign minister, Ukrainian president discuss possibility of Timoshenko’s departure to Germany for treatment.

“We want Ukraine to move towards Europe and will support its intention to do that. Ukraine’s movement towards Europe is of historical importance,” the German foreign minister said.

11.10.13 09:55 Politics

Latvian computer hacker wanted in US released from custody Thur - lawyer.

The Latvian hacker was arrested on December 4, 2012. His lawyers turned to the Prosecutor-General’s Office with a request for reconsidering the measure of restraint and free Chalovsky.

11.10.13 09:51 Politics

Moscow has no reason to suspect Russian diplomat Dmitry Borodin of anything, Russian Foreign Ministry says.

We have not launched any investigation. On the contrary, we would like to get the reaction of the Dutch side as soon as possible,” the diplomat said.

11.10.13 09:49 Politics

Russia will give financial support to WWII veterans residing in the Baltic States - Titov.

Russia’s First Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Titov said in an interview published at the Russian Foreign Ministry website on Thursday that a Russian presidential decree on social support of WWII veterans in Latvia and other Baltic States was in the making.

11.10.13 09:48 Politics

Russian-language First Baltic TV channel in suspense pending resolution of Vilnius court.

The court is to pass a resolution within 72 hours after an application is filed. According to the BMA spokesman, the situation is not clear yet with too many speculations rumored.

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