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14.10.13 10:26 Society

Situation in Biryulyovo stabilises after mass unrest.

Following the killing of 25-year-old Muscovite Yegor Shcherbakov by an unidentified man on the night from October 9 to 10, an assembly of citizens was held in Biryulyovo on Sunday, with people demanding that the killer of the young man be found and punished and that the papers of all migrants living in the district be checked up.

14.10.13 10:21 Society

St Pete reporters organise rally in support of arrested photographer from Arctic Sunrise.

By beginning of the rally /13:00 Moscow time/, about 50 people were in Marsovo Pole, most of them photographers. They expressed protest against the decision of the Murmansk Regional Court as on October 8 it rejected an appeal on Sinyakov’s arrest.

14.10.13 10:20 Culture

Fossil resin with fossil bird feather displayed at Kaliningrad Museum of Amber.

The museum bought this piece of amber with the inclusion from a visitor about a year ago. “The piece was thoroughly studied and experts confirmed, with a maximal degree of probability, that this piece of amber has a feather of the bird diatrima, which lived 56-41 million years ago and reach 2-3 meters in height and weighed up to 100 kilograms,” she said.

14.10.13 10:17 Culture

Soloist of Russian army song and dance ensemble to represent Russia at Eurovision-2014.

“We have a richest potential,” Dyakov, who has been singing in the company for nine years, told Itar-Tass at the anniversary concert on the occasion of the ensemble’s 85th jubilee on Saturday.

14.10.13 08:53 Politics

Russia is studying Netherlands’ Greenpeace activists detention lawsuit - FM spokesman.

“The Netherlands filed an arbitration suit at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea on October 4,” he said. “Dutch partners have provided us with the documents, which we are studying at the moment,” Lukashevich said, noting that “the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea allows for an arbitration request”.

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