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Baltic Sea Region - Archipelago of Innovation?

The objective is to create a seamless working environment for fast growth innovative SME all over the Baltic Sea Region

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16.10.13 09:58 Econiomics

Ukraine, Estonia set to develop transport corridors between Baltic and Black seas.

The document was signed in Estonia’s capital Tallinn in the presence of the two countries’ presidents, the Ukrainian presidential press service said on Tuesday, adding that Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovich had arrived on an official visit to the Baltic state.

16.10.13 09:56 Politics

Russian PM calls to analyze possible impacts of Ukraine’s association with EU on bilateral ties.

“Very soon, Ukraine’s trade and economic policy will be more dependent on that of the European Union in both legal and practical aspects,” Medvedev said on Tuesday at the 10th meeting of the economic cooperation committee of the Russian-Ukrainian interstate commission.

16.10.13 09:51 Society

Over 3 mln migrants stay in Russia illegally - Federal Migration Service.

“According to our database, today 11.3 million foreign migrants are staying on the territory of Russia. Of them 3.6 million are illegal migrant workers,” the deputy head of the Federal Migration Service, Yelena Radochina, told a Public Chamber meeting.

15.10.13 10:08 Politics

EC finds high corruption risk in Polish tenders.

The study, which focuses on eight EU countries, calls for changes in procedure and greater transparency. According to “Public Procurement: costs we pay for corruption,” the most frequent Polish abuse is price-fixing, which affects 52 percent of tarnished tenders.

15.10.13 09:55 Econiomics

Bankruptcy emigration to Britain increasingly popular among Latvians.

For instance, the Manchester-based Insobaltika mostly specializes in Baltic residents' insolvency cases, it has helped forty Latvians to declare their bankruptcy in England so far. It is impossible to establish how more there are such cases in total, but it is clear that the number thereof continue to rise, says the company.

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