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Baltic Sea Region - Archipelago of Innovation?

The objective is to create a seamless working environment for fast growth innovative SME all over the Baltic Sea Region

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16.10.13 10:17 Politics

Suspected murderer of young Muscovite detained outside Moscow.

“The suspect has been detained, and will be shortly brought to Moscow,” they said without giving the details.

16.10.13 10:10 Econiomics

Liberalisation of visa rules to top agenda of Russia-EU summit - Lavrov.

Russian experts said technicalities concerning agreements to simplify visa rules between Russia and the EU and to promote visa-free rules had been fulfilled.

16.10.13 10:08 Politics

Russia calls to leave Greenpeace affair with Netherlands within court proceedings - Lavrov.

“It is not needed to interfere in the activity of judicial authorities, this is a matter of investigation for passing it to the Russian court, the Netherlands initiated the procedure of arbitration, the affair is within court deliberations, probably, it should be left there,” Lavrov said.

16.10.13 10:07 Politics

Date of Russia-EU summit being agreed - Russian foreign minister.

“In the context of the preparations for the summit, today we discussed issues of visa liberalization, preparation of a framework Russia-European Union agreement, human rights protection problems,” Lavrov said.

16.10.13 10:06 Politics

Russian foreign minister invites his Belgian counterpart to visit Russia in 2014.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has invited his Belgian counterpart Didier Reynders to visit Russia next year. The Belgian foreign minister told this on Tuesday at a news conference after Lavrov’s visit to Belgium.

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