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Baltic Sea Region - Archipelago of Innovation?

The objective is to create a seamless working environment for fast growth innovative SME all over the Baltic Sea Region

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16.10.13 10:25 Politics

Lithuania hands out summit invitations to Eastern Partnership countries.

The invitations to Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine were signed by Lithuanian President Dalja Grybauskaite, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy and European Commission Chairman Jose Manuel Barroso.

16.10.13 10:23 Econiomics

Ukraine offers EU countries to use gas storage facilities in its territory.

Yeliseyev said that energy policy would become a priority in Ukraine’s relations with the European Union after Ukraine signed an association agreement with the EU in November.

16.10.13 10:21 Politics

First Baltic Channels (PBK) suspends Russian- language broadcasts in Lithuania.

The Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission under the Lithuanian parliament, that supervises the activity of radio and TV broadcasters, last week decided to ban PBK programs produced in countries which are not EU members.

16.10.13 10:20 Politics

Ukraine’s European choice is not dramatic or fatal, Medvedev says.

Medvedev told a news conference held after a meeting of the Committee for Economic Cooperation of the Russian-Ukrainian inter-state commission in Kaluga on Tuesday that the two sides had discussed cooperation between the two countries after Ukraine’s integration into the European Union “sincerely and in detail like partners.”

16.10.13 10:18 Econiomics

Gasprom meets Europe's growing demand for Russian gas.

"The result has lived up to our expectations: Europe continues to demonstrate a growing demand for the Russian gas, and the tendency of Russia's growing supplies to the external markets will continue," Miller said.

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