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21.10.13 13:12 Politics

Interpol resumes search of Khimki forest ‘defenders’ supporter Silayev

“The Commission for control of Interpol's files has decided to unlock information about the search of Silayev, born in 1985, put on international wanted list upon Russian authorities’ initiative. He is accused of hooliganism committed by an organized group,” a representative of the Interior Ministry said.

21.10.13 12:48 Politics

Riga mayor promises to prevent demolition of monument to Soviet soldiers-liberators.

“This is a provocation by extremists who can only exist by means of ethnic strife. Since there is nothing else they can do. So what can you expect from them? Surely, not economic development plans,” Ushakov said in a statement, following reports about the collection of signatures on the Internet for the demolition of the memorial to the Soviet soldiers-liberators of Riga.

21.10.13 10:26 Politics

FRG, Latvia inspectors to make TOS observation flight over Russia and Belarus.

"In impleeementation of the international Treaty on Open Skies, a joint group of inspectors of the Federal Republic of Germany and Latvia will make an observation flight aboard a Swedish SAAB-340 plane over Russia and Belarus within a period from October 21 to 25," Ryzhkov related.

21.10.13 10:24 Society

8 participant in nationalist action detained in St Petersburg.

According to the city police, the nationalist rally in Marsovo Pole Square in the centre of St. Petersburg drew about 150 people. “Eight were detained for violating public order,” a police representative told Itar-Tass.

21.10.13 10:18 Politics

Foreign Ministry urges Germany to rivet attention to human rights - Commissioner for Human Rights.

The Russian diplomat commented on a statement by the German Foreign Ministry spokesman on the recent disorders in Moscow related to violence towards migrants from the Caucasus and Central Asia.

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