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23.10.13 09:47 Politics

Leaders of European Parliament mission have two-hours meeting with Ukraine’s former PM.

Kwasniewski and Cox spoke with the former Ukrainian prime minister for about two hours but refrained from any comment.

23.10.13 09:45 Society

Ex-president of former USSR takes allegations about his death with vital humour.

Earlier on Tuesday, a spokesman for Gorbachyov Foundation told Itar-Tass that the ex-president of the USSR was undergoing regular examination at a clinic in Germany.

23.10.13 09:43 Society

Russian-speaking opposition criticizes campaign against WWI memorial.

Alksnis urged the prime minister not to drive a wedge between people in society and not to abuse the most painful pages in Latvian history. A minister cannot help feeling respect for the memories of the WWII heroes, the MP said, according to the Center of Accord's press service.

23.10.13 09:41 Politics

Ukraine’s former premier agrees to partial amnesty, says MP.

“She /Timoshenko/ said in public that she was making this serious step,” he said. “She’s prepared to accept a partial pardoning option for the sake of Ukraine’s destiny.”

23.10.13 09:39 Science

Russia’s first solid nuclear waste burial to emerge near Leningrad NPP by 2020.

The project caused heated discussion at the forum. The town’s ecologists fear the site might become a burial for radioactive waste not only from St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region but also from abroad. Some also argue the local geological conditions are not good enough.

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