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24.10.13 08:50 Politics

Russia to be stay aloof from Arctic Sunrise case arbitration in Tribunal - FM.

“After filing an arbitration lawsuit against Russia over the Arctic Sunrise case, the Netherlands on October 21 asked the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea in Hamburg to apply so-called temporary measures in accordance with item 5 of Article 290 of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982,” the Foreign Ministry said.

24.10.13 08:48 Politics

Russia's ruling party urges Duma to rise in defence of Soviet wartime memorial in Latvia.

“The Russian parliament should present its legal assessment of the situation, keep a close watch on the situation and make its voice heard,” Klintsevich said on Wednesday during the traditional series of five-minute topical statements each faction is free to make before the State Duma's Duma plenary meetings.

24.10.13 08:47 Society

Rosbalt media agency might have its license withdrawn over violations in on-line videos.

The Roscomnadzor challenged the Rosbalt on July 23 for use of obscene language in two videos initially placed on the YouTube. After the incident the Rosbalt editors removed the videos from the YouTube site, but even that did not help Rosbalt avoid two more official reprimands from Roscomnadzor.

24.10.13 08:45 Politics

Russia ready to cooperate with Latvia on basis of mutual respect.

"Russia is prepared to build constructive cooperation with Latvia on the basis of good-neighborly relations and respect for each other's interests," Putin underlined.

24.10.13 08:44 Politics

No success in missile defence with NATO - Russian Defence Minister.

After the session of the Russia-NATO Council on Wednesday, Shoigu said, “It’s obvious that missile defence was raised at the session. No progress has been achieved. Missile defence programmes develop in Europe and our concerns are taken into account.”

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